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Simplifying Customer Engagement through WhatsAppWhatsApp Business API Bottly

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Simplifying Customer Engagement through WhatsApp - Bottly

Everything you need to meet any of your customer engagement

Transactional messaging

Transactional messaging

Send one-way WhatsApp messages with an API for alerts and notifications, promotions, and marketing messages.

Conversational messaging

Conversational messaging

Use WhatsApp for conversations with a single API for customer care and conversational commerce.

Account verification

Account verification

Fight fraud and build customer trust by verifying users over WhatsApp, SMS, voice, email, push, and OTPs.

Personalized communications

Own your data and deliver highly targeted, personalized communications across WhatsApp and any other channel.

Contact center

Serve customers with personalized experiences over WhatsApp, or other popular channels like email, voice, SMS, and more.

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Why Choose Us

Infinite reach with one platform

Drive brand awareness, generate and nurture high-quality leads, and foster customer loyalty through continuous conversations on your prospects’ preferred messaging app.

Drive engagement and standardize replies with Quick Replies and Call-to-Action buttons.

Design sophisticated flows with conditional logic, formulas, and rich media, with a visual drag and drop interface.

Add simple bots, intelligent assistants, and the option to escalate to agents with Bottly product integrations.

Build WhatsApp messaging quickly and easily with Bottly's Programmable Messaging API.

Infinite reach with one platform
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2.24 billion

active user base


countries App coverage

1.3 billion

messages per day


multilingual language support

Create engaging customer experiences with WhatsApp

Bottly has been developed using the official WhatsApp APIs, making it the most all-inclusive communication platform available.



Send personalized messages, include promotional broadcasts, and run targeted ad campaigns to acquire and engage users.


Deliver product recommendations based on user intent to drive conversions.


Offer phenomenal post-purchase support that exceeds buyer expectations, makes them feel valued and helps retain them as loyal customers.
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Integrations that empower automated notifications

Enjoy seamless integrations with your favorite e-stores, CRMs, Zapier & more.

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